Collaboration Teams

Label Mandated Training

Florida State University
(352) 392-4721

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Combined Webinar and On-Demand Training

Chairperson: LINDSEY HOUSE
Washington State Department of Agriculture
(360) 902-2027

Scoping Document

Charge Questions

Status of the Category

CTAG finished hosting their webinar series on the Status of the Category in March 2023. Follow this LINK to access the recorded webinars. CTAG is currently compiling summary reports of the information learned during these sessions. We will post that information when complete and begin faciliating groups for regional or national manual development.

Manual Development Workshop

Moving out of the Status of the Category series, CTAG recognized the need to provide instruction related to updating and creating category manuals. The workshop was led by Dan Wixstead of Cornell University and followed the PACT 2023 meeting. Workshop materials are available HERE.

CTAG 2020 Ranked Topics

Click for excel download to see what topics were considered and how CTAG ranked them.