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CTAG is utilizing collaboration teams to further understand the identified areas of focus: Online Exams, Label Mandated Training, Live (synchronous) Webinar Recertification and On-Demand (asynchronous) Recertification Training.

2021 Membership Solicitation is still open!

We are especially looking for PSEP representatives at this time. Using collaboration teams significantly cuts down on the time required, and if you are interested we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

CTAG is a group of state lead agencies (SLA), pesticide safety education programs (PSEP), and tribal certification programs that can rely on each other for collaboration, eliminate duplication of effort and maximize the utility of existing solutions for pesticide applicator certification and training (C&T).

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Current Topics

CTAG is currently working in four areas:  Online exams, label mandated training, asynchronous online training (on-demand), and synchronous training (live webinars).  Click on the Current Issues tab for more information.

Completed Resources

CTAG has posted all previously completed resources.  They may be found by clicking the documents tab.  They have been tagged by subject area, type of resource, keywords, whether they were addressed in the 2015 C&T rule, and by year so that they are easy to search.

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