Direct Supervision: Summary of Survey Results

Title: Direct Supervision: Summary of Survey Results
Category: Supervision
Resources: Survey
Date: 2010
Addressed By Revised 40 CFR Party 171: No

Excerpt: There are no criteria or provisions set forth in FIFRA defining the practice of a non-certified person engaged in the application of pesticides while under the direct supervision of a certified pesticide applicator. Many States have defined this activity by statute, regulation, or policy, and some states have established certain limits with regard to the direct supervision of pesticide applications. The criteria or requirements defining direct supervision differ substantially among states. CTAG surveyed pesticide regulatory programs to determine, in the programs where direct supervision of pesticide applications is not prohibited, the scope and criteria defining the direct supervision of non-licensed/non-certified pesticide applicators by licensed/certified pesticide applicators. While the results of the survey indicate a variety of interpretations of direct supervision, there were some noteworthy trends among the responses of the participating 46 state programs…