Copyright and C&T

Title: Copyright and C&T
Category: Training
Resources: Paper
Date: 2007
Addressed By Revised 40 CFR Party 171: No

Excerpt: The Certification and Training Advisory Group (CTAG) encourages the sharing of pesticide education materials, certification exams, and other related resources among states, tribes, and territories to get the most leverage of funding dollars and existing resources. A universal sharing of materials and ideas increases the overall efficiency of certification and training (C&T) programs nationwide, and often gets sound educational materials and tools in the hands of more educators and regulators sooner than without this flowing exchange of resources. Consequently, the Pesticide Safety Programs national database of resources ( is a great asset in assisting programs become familiar with the wealth of materials being used by others. However, using works created by others must be done with accepted business etiquette, with professional respect to the original author, and legally.

The focus of this fact sheet will deal with the legal aspects. Therefore, it is to provide guidance to certification and pesticide safety education staff in the basic understanding of one’s responsibility under U.S. copyright laws when using other people’s work in your state’s educational effort. Although this document is approved by CTAG for your reference and use, it is neither a legal document nor intended to provide all of the nuances of copyright responsibility. For detailed information on copyright and intellectual property rights, refer to the sources mentioned at the end of this document…